Food Worlds Collide

Following fittingly on from my last post’s pizza theme, I present to you my strangest food find thus far: Hubby’s lunch from our road trip.

An ordinary, gas station pizza, yes? Available in gas stations state-wide, yes? Possibly further afield, I wouldn’t yet know. (For the Brits, gas station pizzas are a darned sight tastier than you’d expect, it’s not soggy sandwiches and Ginster’s this end.)

Except… look at the name. Of all the names to choose for a pizza company that sells in rural Wyoming, they went for the hub of the city, 5000 miles away, that I came here from.

And if that’s not an excuse to eat lots of it, I don’t know what is.


3 responses to “Food Worlds Collide

  • Amy Young

    Americans are obsessed with Things British, as you have no doubt learned by now. There’s a restaurant here in Wichita, Kansas called Piccadilly – it mostly serves French and Mediterranean food. All foreign parts are really the same place, right?

  • WillowC

    Hahaha that’s genius! Mind you, that’s also what they serve in the restaurants around Piccadilly, so in some ways it’s quite fitting.

  • Emma Tennant

    Mind you, can’t beat full English breakfast at a Little Chef on the long trip down to Cornwall and then cream teas with jam and scones waiting for you in a tea-room off Penzance. What’s for breakfast in Wyoming, Sarah?

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