Treats From Small Children

Biscuits provided by small people: why have we not picked up this trend in England? It’s genius: fabulous niece calls (via Motherly Metatron) and offers cookies for sale, offer is accepted, cookies then arrive, cookies are consumed in an extreme hurry, small people around the country are aided by our greed.

The cat was suspicious at first.

Unfortunately, I will not be partaking in the cookie goodness. Hubby ordered 3 boxes for himself and 1 for me and, unfortunately, I don’t like cranberry biscuits. What possessed him to choose dried fruit for a chocaholic I cannot begin to imagine*, but the thought was, at least, there.

It didn't last. Snuggling biscuits is, I feel, an appropriate response.

The Thin Mints look marvellous, as do the Peanut Butter Patties (both, you will note, chocolate-based), but I have been ordered to “keep my shithooks off the goodies”.

Ah well, maybe next year.

*I do know the answer to this, come to think of it: it was because he ate the ones he bought for me to try last year.


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