The Youth of Today

A weekly treat for me is accompanying Hubby to college and waiting patiently in the car, accompanied by a vast array of potential pastimes, until he has been educated for the day and can ferry me to the supermarket.

It’s always an amusing opportunity to people-watch, despite Hubby’s penchant for parking as far away from every other car as possible, but this week’s trip was almost exciting: in the car next to ours was a dead body.

For half an hour I watched her, growing increasingly concerned and wondering whether or not I should tap on the window and ask her if she’d demised, and in all that time she didn’t budge an inch, simply sat motionless, head hanging, hair covering her face.

Another quarter of an hour later, just as I was contemplating a stealthy wander around her car so I could take a look at her face before calling 911, she finally moved. Her head bobbed up and her hand appeared, and all became clear.

For almost an hour, she’d been playing about with her mobile phone, presumably texting the world at large and playing a few games of Angry Birds. She then drove away, scuppering my theory that she, too, was waiting for somebody.

Lost in the social possibilities of technology, oblivious to the real world, for extended periods of time without a break or body movement: it’s nice to see that some things are the same on both sides of the Atlantic.


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