5000 Miles Without a Break

I’m not sure how many of you have attempted a 5000-mile house move before. In general, it doesn’t seem to matter whether one moves half a mile down the road or to the other end of the country, the same amount of crockery will spontaneously crack, no matter how many layers of bubble wrap you apply, and you always manage to lose something vital, even though the house was absolutely, definitely empty as you left.

My Worldly Belongings recently arrived from the UK, having undergone a perilously navigated journey with myself and my dad, from London to Poole, a truck journey from there to Southampton, an endless ocean voyage across the Atlantic to NYC and a road trip from thence to Denver, Colorado.

In all honesty, I was expecting to unwrap the ruins of my years of hoarding. What I did not expect was to trawl through the 1500lb crate and discover the only casualties to be two glasses stacked together in what, in hindsight, was a particularly stupid way and the handle of a mug. I’ve ruined more than that carrying boxes out the front door. Actually, I’ve ruined about that much in a single batch of washing up.

I have no idea how they did it, but I’m jawdroppingly impressed. Even my pc, after several bats at the snooze button, decided to wake up full of beans. And not only were there so few broken items, there was absolutely no damage from the elements – and in a winter like this, that’s amazing.

I didn’t even need to re-wash all my fabrics, which very much pleased the dog. Hubby christened a particular throw of mine “the bear blanket”, because it’s brown and furry and ridiculously snuggly (and, unsurprisingly, was a gift from my mum). He fell in love with it. I was reluctant to unpack it, wary of the pending ownership struggle, but I needn’t have worried. A certain canine princess claimed it within seconds, and has no intention of giving it back.

I have very little left to unpack. My clothes are in the wardrobe, my jewellery is hanging over my dressing table, my workstation is up and running. All that’s left are my books, which took up a significant portion of the 1500lbs, even after bravely ridding myself of over half of them. There are approximately six large boxes of them; we are awaiting rescue from Dad-in-Law, who is building us a bookshelf capable of holding them all.

All that remains to be said is that, should any of you be in need of haulage help, whether across the oceans or cross-country, I highly recommend Econocaribe and Forward Air, and John Pipe Ltd. to help organise the whole shebang. If they can transport a full set of one-of-a-kind wine glasses 5000 miles without a single crack, while going out of their way to be helpful to the ignorant first-time emigrant, they can do anything.


2 responses to “5000 Miles Without a Break

  • watch*paint*dry

    I am trying to snuggle up into my own bear blanket (named because brown and bear-like *snap Wes) and am in ownership struggle with my somewhat furry feline boy… He has his own fur. Lots of it!
    Looks like I may be needing those links ta muchly…

  • WillowC

    It’s not fair, is it? They have their own fur, they don’t need ours. Am I to take it we need to Skype so you can tell me the results of the thinky?

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