Suspicious Dinners

Christmas dinner: prime rib, company potatoes and salad, followed by sour cream and raisin pie.

Tonight’s dinner: the Lord himself only knows.

I am taking my cue from the box, pictured below, that Hubby served some sort of mac and cheese for our evening meal. Not actual mac and cheese: the boxed kind that comes under the heading of “Suspicious Food”, because he had a hankering and felt I ought to share it.

I ate with minimal complaint, and thus believe I should be complimented on my bravery, because it was the sort of colour you suspect would glow in the dark and, once dry, it would almost certainly be an excellent replacement for cement.

Now, there is good food, as evidenced by the delights I was fed for Christmas, and then there is good crappy food, and then there is crap. I am going to tick the middle box in this case because, all visual cues to the contrary, and despite the block of salt they add to it, and despite the little lumps of flavouring that don’t quite mix in and provide intermittent “surprises”, it was actually quite nice.

We’ll see how I feel in a few hours.


2 responses to “Suspicious Dinners

  • Tammy

    *lol* What can I say, I think you have to be the FUNNIEST person in America — (or atleast the Funniest Englishwoman in America!) I SO enjoy reading your blog, actually ~ I have my entire office looking forward to reading your blog (I share your posts at our BORING staff in-services. *lol*) Write on, dear lady — Write on!

  • WillowC

    I am more than happy with that title, haha! Hello to all your office-mates, too – you must all think I’m barking! xxx

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